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A new (and fully working!) WYSIWYG editor component for iOS

Long long time ago, I wrote a series of articles about mobile hybrid development on the BlackBerry platform. The year later I wrote a component (and an article) that enables rich editing of text on Windows Phone devices by using hybrid technology.

The concept of hybrid application development, that is the merging of native and web development technologies, to get the best from both worlds, is an emerging reality nowadays. Today i’m happy to see the concept extended to the next level, and to the iOS platform. A team of rad developers, and co-workers, have developed a WYSIWYG editor component for iOS, that is based on hybrid technology and provides a true WYSIWYG editing experience for the end user.

It includes picture support, and it works on both iOS 8 and iOS 7. Below some pictures of the editor in action:

This new component is the text editor used in the WordPress iOS app to create and edit pages & posts. In short it’s a simple, straightforward way to visually edit HTML.